Lacrosse Goalie Warmup: Stopping Shots

Prepare yourself to face attackers and make saves with this warmup routine.

To do this warmup before a game, you’ll need to work with a coach or teammate. It’s important to work on all of the types of shots that you’d see during a game from the various parts of the field.

The first thing to do is have a coach or teammate shoot mix-up shots toward the goal at these different areas:

  • Stick side high
  • Off side high
  • Stick side hip
  • Off side hip
  • Stick side low
  • Off side low

As you work on those six areas, your coach or teammate should move in an arc around the field. On the women’s field, the 8-meter arc is a good guide. This can help you to see shots from different angles.

To further develop your ability to make saves from different angles, try the “Walking the Line” drill. 

Executing this warmup can help you prepare for the variety of shots and angles you might face during a game. Make this a regular part of practice and a consistent warmup before each game to help improve your skills.