Lacrosse Ground Ball Fundamentals with LAX pro Jeremy Thompson

Learning to play ground balls can push you from a contender to a champion on the lacrosse field.

Your ability to corral a ground ball could contribute to your overall success on the lacrosse field. It can be as important as passing, catching and cradling. By working on your ability to scoop up a loose ball, you will give your team a chance to create more scoring opportunities.

Always remember to be aware of your surroundings when going for a ground ball. Taking a quick look over your shoulder could help you prepare for opponents closing in.

When picking up a ground ball, maintain a low center of gravity. Having a solid stance while going low could help you better prepare for the possible impact from opposing players who are also pursuing the ball.

Also, don’t forget to protect your stick. An opposing player can affect your ability to get a ground ball by hitting your stick, so keep it close to your body to help maintain control.

Scoop the ball in a low, swooping motion. By picking the ball up in stride, it will allow you to quickly move to your next positon, whether it be a pass or a shot to the net.

Repetition is key, so it’s important to practice going after ground balls in order to enhance your game.