Lacrosse Ladder Drills to Help Improve Quick Feet

Use these lacrosse training drills to help improve your footwork and agility skills and leave your opponents in the rearview mirror.

Whether you’re hustling down the field to make a great play or dodging defenders right in front of the goal, quick footwork and agility are always key elements to have on the lacrosse field.

Lacrosse is an up-tempo sport, requiring players to juke, move and dodge their way past opponents in an effort to take a shot on goal. A great way to help improve your agility is by adding ladder training drills to your next lacrosse practice.  With these helpful Pro Tips, you can help set yourself one quality move closer to the net.

No matter which of these five agility ladder drills you choose to complete, make sure to keep your upper body relaxed with your arms pumping through the exercise. Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and you should always aim to land on the balls of your feet for quick steps and enhanced speed.


For this agility ladder drill, place both feet in each rung, one at a time, at a brisk pace until you’ve gone through the entire ladder. Your steps should be quick and precise, with your arms pumping through the motion and your knees rising to a comfortable height.

BONUS PRO TIP: Don’t confuse this drill for “High Knees,” which calls for you to bring your knees up to your chest or waist height with each step. Instead, you should put emphasis on footwork rather than getting those knees elevated.


For this lacrosse drill, step into the ladder rungs one foot at a time, followed by two steps out of the ladder rungs. For example, if your first step is with your right foot, your step pattern should go: Right in, left in, then right out, left out.

Repeat this foot pattern through the ladder as fast as comfortably possible. Remember to keep your upper body relaxed and your arms pumping through this agility drill. And don’t rush yourself. Completing the drill properly is always better than completing the drill quickly and sloppily.


To execute this agility drill for lacrosse, jump into each ladder rung with both feet for the first movement, and then follow up with a jump to the outside of the ladder with both feet at the same time. Your feet should land in unison and you should hit the ground on the balls of your feet, not flat-footed. A good way to break down this exercise is to try and imagine yourself doing jumping jacks down the ladder. The footwork is nearly identical, and this mindset can help alleviate some pre-drill confusion.


With the Scissors Drill on the agility ladder, start with your lead foot inside the first ladder rung. You’ll then jump and bring your back foot forward, switching your footing inside the square.

So, if you begin with your right foot in the first rung, your next move should be to hop and land with your left foot inside that space and your right foot on the outside. Repeat these movements down the ladder until each square has been tapped.


This is a slightly more advanced lacrosse drill.

Begin the Triple Step Forward Shuffle by bringing each foot inside the ladder, one at a time. Then take your right foot and step outside of the ladder, followed by your left foot up into the next ladder square. Continue this drill by bringing your right foot back into the square, taking your left foot out and then moving to the next ladder rung with your right foot. Repeat this down the ladder until you’ve reached the end. If you’re hesitant to go full speed, try walking through the ladder to better understand each step, picking up your pace as you become more comfortable with the exercise.

No matter your position on the lacrosse field, practicing your agility and footwork can help you improve your game. So get a leg up on your competition by trying these agility ladder drills at your next lacrosse practice. You can discover even more lacrosse drills with Pro Tips.