Lacrosse Shooting Drill with Jerome Thompson

Working on your shooting skills actually starts with your footwork.

There is nothing like scoring a goal in lacrosse — outwitting a defender and sending the ball past the goalie to put your team ahead.

But before making that game-winning play, you must master your shot. To help you do just that, lacrosse pro Jerome Thompson demonstrates a drill you can try.

Toss the ball into the air to yourself and make the catch as you start your wind-up. Be conscious of your footwork. The main focus of this drill is your feet, which should always be set and ready to shoot. As you catch the ball, take two shuffle-like steps toward the net and then shoot.

To make this drill more game-like, you can also work with a partner. Have your partner toss the ball to you while you’re in a wind-up motion. As you run through the drill, make sure your stick stays in one spot and your feet move forward. You’ll then catch the ball and shoot.

Jerome recommends practicing about 100 shots a day. It gets tiring, so try having your partner shoot about 20 balls to you and then switch.

Use this shooting drill to help you master your shot, taking your lacrosse game to the next level.