Lacrosse Speed Training with Mini Hurdles

Speed, agility and explosiveness are fundamental skills that every lacrosse player should have in their arsenal. Train these talents by adding mini hurdles to your next lacrosse practice.

In order to create opportunities on the field and maintain a competitive edge in lacrosse, you need to rely on fast, agile footwork. Developing these skills can be both entertaining and effective if you do it right. A great way to exercise your agility and explosiveness for lacrosse is by incorporating some mini hurdle drills into your next workout routine. Gain some distance between you and your opponents this season with these helpful speed hurdle training exercises.

BONUS PRO TIP: No matter the movement, always remember to keep yourself in an athletic stance with your elbows bent at 90 degrees throughout each exercise. Pump your arms through each set and focus on executing every movement with maximum effort.


This lacrosse training exercise starts with you facing the hurdle set head on. Your goal is to slide from side to side between the cones, shuffling from right to left with emphasis on change of direction. You should snake through each opening until you reach the end of your mini hurdles line. At this point, remain facing forward and perform your shuffle again, but this time in reverse. Be sure to go at a brisk pace, but do not go faster than what is comfortable. Form conquers speed with any mini hurdles exercise.


For weaving hurdles drills, you will again snake through the structures, but the hurdles will be to your side this time. Jog forward and backpedal as you thread through the hurdles, bouncing off each step with explosiveness and control. Once you have weaved through the entire setup, change direction and return back to your starting position.


Rather than shuffling and snaking through the mini hurdles, the lateral high knees drill requires you to step over each speed hurdle as you move laterally over the setup. You should aim to bring your knees up as high as possible (chest or waist height) with each step, bouncing off the balls of your feet as you complete two steps per gap.

You can also add a finishing sprint to this drill by exploding out of the final movement to the set finish line.

BONUS PRO TIP: To give these speed hurdle drills more of a gameday feel, consider carrying your lacrosse stick through each exercise. Having your stick in your hands as you train your footwork skill could help you become accustomed to this style of movement.

When looking to improve change-of-direction skills, explosiveness and agility, speed hurdle drills can be a great lacrosse training aid to elevate your game.

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