Lacrosse Tips: How to Create Different Shots

Advice from award-winning player Lyle Thompson to help boost your offensive perception on the field

When you first start playing lacrosse, you may be exclusively taught to use the overhand shot when aiming for the net.

But as you progress in the sport, there will be times that the overhand shot just won’t cut it. So, it’s a good idea to work on different shots, taking them at various angles.

Two of the most common shots that you will use, in addition to the overhand, are the side arm and underhand shots.

A way to practice these shots is to set up an item between you and the net. If you cannot see over the object, that is fine. Move until you can see the net. Once you find the spot, stop — this is where you want the face of your stick to be when you release.

Whatever direction the face is pointing is where the ball should go. Aim for different spots in the net as you never know what angle you’ll be shooting from during a game. Aim for the pipe and the outside of the net. If you aim for the center, you could hit the goalie during a game.

Remember that no matter where you play, the field and net will always stay in the same spot. Run the drill at different spots to mimic game-like situations.