Lacrosse Basics: Women’s Lacrosse Protective Gear

Learn about choosing the right women's lacrosse gloves, eye protection and mouthguards so you can stay safe on the field.

The women’s lacrosse game is one of speed, agility, and finesse. The rules of women’s lacrosse allow less contact than the male version of the sport. As a result, the only protective equipment required for play are eye protection or goggles and a mouthguard. Some states and leagues also require headgear to be worn. Gloves are recommended for players of all skill levels.

Women’s Gloves

Women’s lacrosse gloves offer protection and mobility. The typically feature padding along the back of the hand and the thumb but are thin enough to allow flexibility. They also add grip to prevent dropping the stick in cold or wet conditions.

  • Women’s gloves offer secure wrist closure for a safe fit.
  • Women’s players should wear lightweight gloves for maximum flexibility.

Eye Protection

  • Eye protection or women’s lacrosse goggles should fit comfortably and provide visibility.
  • Vented, silicone padding provides comfort and a secure fit while playing.
  • Eye protection comes in both youth and adult sizes.
  • Check product information to ensure your eyewear meets league requirements for legal play.


  • Women are required to use strapless mouthguards in lacrosse.
  • Mouthguards molded to the mouth, or can be molded by softening in boiling water and then formed by biting down on them.
  • Mouthguards come in a variety of designs, colors and flavors to match your game.


  • For ultimate protection, select states and leagues require women to wear headgear while playing lacrosse.
  • Women’s headgear provides an impact resistant outer shell often integrated with a facemask to protect the eyes.
  • Headgear also comes in a variety of colors.