Learning Lacrosse: Catching

Follow these tips to become a reliable target to teammates on the lacrosse field.

Catching in lacrosse is a straightforward process, but there is a right way to do it.  Learning the correct way is crucial in the development of any player. It all begins with your hand-eye coordination, which will develop the more you practice. From there, you can follow several steps to help get ready to come up with a game-changing catch.


First, you will need to have your hands in the right position to make a catch. Your dominant hand should be near the top of stick at the head while your other hand is placed firmly at the base. Keeping your hands in this positon should allow you to control the catch.


You will want to give your teammate a clear target to throw to. With your elbows bent, hold the stick’s head close to your body so it occupies the area known as the box, which is the area from your ear down to your shoulder.


When the ball arrives to you, make sure to give with the reception so that the head of the stick goes behind your head. This acts as a shock absorber to avoid rebounds and sets you up your next move: passing, shooting or cradling. This is also called the triple threat position.

Make the catch as close to your body as you can. A catch too far in front of you can allow an opponent to make an attempt for a steal.

Be sure not to snag the ball out of the air. Doing so can often times lead to you losing possession.

It is important to remain relaxed through the catch as soft hands can lead to more effective catching. It can be helpful for beginners to imagine the ball is a water balloon. This way, you’ll want to be careful not to “pop it” when making a catch.

Catching is a fundamental aspect and basic skill in lacrosse, but it does take some time to master. With practice and focus, you can develop into a solid target for your teammates on the field.