Lyle Thompson’s Lacrosse Tips on Split Dodging

Mastering your moves on the field can leave opponents in the dust. The professional lacrosse player dishes his tips to help you work on your dodging techniques.

The way you move on the lacrosse field can be crucial to your success. If you can get past a defender, it might be the difference between an empty possession and a game-changing goal.

One way to avoid opposing defenders is by dodging. Dodging is an important part of the game as it could help you create a good shot or an opportunity for your teammates.

To help improve your split dodge specifically, Lyle shows us a drill you can add to your pre- or post-practice routine.

Go to one of the lines on the field to use as a starting point in the exercise.

To begin, first decide which hand you want to free up and start with the stick in your opposite hand. If you want to free up your right hand, start in your left and vice versa.

You’ll then use the line on the field as a guide for a “three-step process”. Starting on your lacrosse hand side, take one step to the side of the line, another small step to the other side of the line and then one big step on your lacrosse side to convince the defender you’re about to go in that direction. This fake out is designed to trick the defender to go that way, opening up an alley for a free shot.

Exaggerating that big step in the “three-step process” can really make a difference in your dodge.

Make sure to practice your dodge when you have some extra time. Lyle recommends practicing this drill about 25 times a day to help elevate your dodging game.