Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Cross Check Hold Tips

Defend the goal by learning the three essential components to this lacrosse hold.

The cross check hold is an essential lacrosse skill that all defensemen should know how to execute. It involves three important components that all begin with the goalie communicating to you to drive your attacker away from the goal.


The first component is footwork. Your feet must keep moving if you want to get above the attacker.


The second component is getting your hands away from your body and into the armpit of the attacker, so you can drive him away from the goal


The third component is holding your stick at a 45-degree angle while keeping constant pressure on the attacker.

Once you have neutralized the scoring threat, you can finish with a poke or slap check.  Keeping these three components in mind can help you win your one-on-one matchup against the attacker. As you grow more comfortable defending the goal, try picking up more advanced techniques, like the ding dong check.