Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Ding Dong Check Tips

This advanced check can be used anywhere on the lacrosse field to help create a turnover.

The ding dong check is an advanced lacrosse check and can be an effective way to dislodge the ball from an attacker anywhere on the field.

Prior to throwing this check, make sure your stance is correct. You should be in a defensive position with your hands away from your body and your feet moving.

To throw the check, follow these steps:

  • Start with your bottom hand at the bottom of the stick shaft and your top hand a few feet up
  • To gain leverage, “punch the sky” with your bottom hand. Fake an over-the-head check by lifting your stick up the front of the defender, stopping just over his helmet
  • Quickly bring your stick straight down the front of the attacker with power, striking his gloves

The ding dong check is an effective lacrosse check that you can use anywhere on the field. When you do it correctly, you can create a high chance of causing a turnover.