Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Lift Check Tips

Every beginner should develop this versatile defensive skill to dislodge the ball from an attacker’s stick.

A lift check is a very basic defensive move that you can throw in a variety of ways. Players typically throw the lift check as a followup to a poke check or slap check.

To throw the lift check, follow these steps:

  • Work to get the head of your stick under the attacker’s gloves
  • Push forward and up to lift their bottom hand

This lift can dislodge the ball as the attacker drives toward the goal. You can also throw a lift check as an offensive player steps away to shoot or pass the ball. If you succeed, you can throw the pass off course and create a higher chance for a turnover.

While the lift check isn’t flashy, it can be one of the most effective checks to throw during a lacrosse game and is a vital skill for beginner defensemen to learn.

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