Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Over-the-Head Check Tips

For lacrosse players who want to develop their defensive skills, this check can help you take charge of the field.

Once you’ve mastered the poke check and the lift check, continue to broaden your knowledge of lacrosse check techniques with the more advanced over-the-head check.

The over-the-head check can be a challenging move. But when done properly, it can be a momentum changer for the defense. To be successful with this check, you must have your defensive basics covered. Get in a good defensive position with your hands away from your body and your feet moving.

To throw the over-the-head check, follow these steps:

  • “Punch the sky” with your bottom hand, raising that end of the stick shaft to gain leverage
  • Swing your stick in an arc back and forth over the attacker’s helmet — a move often called “windshield washing”
  • After you give the attacker a quick push, you can swipe your stick down his back side to hit the ball out of his stick and cause a turnover

The over-the-head check can help you dictate the tempo on your end of the field and help your team regain possession.

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