Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Poke Check Tips

As the most basic check in lacrosse, the poke check is a vital building block for any skilled defensive player.

The most basic lacrosse check for a long-stick defender is the poke check. To execute a poke check,  push your stick out from your body and poke it into the attacker’s gloves.

The poke check is most typically thrown when you initially play the attacker, as they are coming toward you. It can also be effective when thrown in the middle of a split dodge to disrupt the attacker as they make their move. To maximize the effectiveness of this check, make sure you maintain proper positioning.

The poke check is one of the most basic checks in lacrosse but it can be extremely effective. Every defender should know how to do a poke check as one of the foundational lacrosse defensive moves.

There are a variety of checks you can use in men’s lacrosse, so learn the lift check and slap check, too.