Men’s Lacrosse Defense: Slap Check Tips

Distract attackers with this foundational lacrosse check, and help your team earn more turnovers.

Looking to improve your defensive skills this lacrosse season? Whether you’re learning the basics of lacrosse or looking for a refresher course, the slap check is an essential technique that all defenders should know how to execute.

Checks are essential for deterring an attacker from making a play around the goal. The slap check is one of the most common and effective types of checks.

It’s most effective when you push the attacker away from you and then throw a short, hard slap with your stick across the attacker’s gloves.

The slap check is a common yet effective way to keep an attacker at bay. Once you’ve mastered this basic skill, move on to more difficult moves like the poke check and the advanced ding dong check.