Men’s Lacrosse Tips: How to Cradle a Lacrosse Ball Under Pressure

Proper stick and body position can help keep defenders at bay when you’re moving the ball up field.

Being able to cradle under pressure from a defender is an important skill to develop in lacrosse. The right body position and stick placement can help you maintain possession of the ball.

The first component of cradling under pressure is body positioning. Use your body as a shield from the defender. Your front shoulder (bottom hand) should face the defender to keep them from getting too close to your stick.

The next component is stick position. Your stick should be in front of you with your bottom hand and butt end of the stick behind your body to help protect from defensive checks. If your stick is left unprotected, a defenseman could potentially lift your bottom hand and cause a turnover. Constantly move your feet in order to create separation between you and the defender.

Having these techniques in mind when cradling the ball can help you maintain possession when you’re being pressured by a defender.

Remember to regularly work on the fundamentals of cradling so you can help your team move the ball up the field.