Outlet Passing Tips for Lacrosse Goalies

Give your team’s offense a boost by using these goalie tips to learn how to throw deep — and precisely — at your target.

Once you’ve made a save, it’s time to transition your team from defense to offense. You can do this with a controlled outlet pass to a teammate.

To start, bring your stick up to the ready position. Your bottom hand should be on the butt-end of your stick and your top hand should be about one foot higher, creating leverage for the outlet pass. Your stick head should be behind your shoulder on your dominant side.

You’ll then search the field for an open teammate who will be your target. Once you’ve found your target, take a step toward them with the foot that’s farthest away from them. At the same time, bring your stick forward and swing toward your teammate with your arms to make the pass. Make sure to follow through with your stick and body and keep your feet, body, arms, head and stick in line with your intended recipient.

Remember that your pass may need to have some arc in order to get over any attackers or midfielders who are trying to intercept the pass.

Make sure you practice your outlet passes regularly so that you can create a more successful connection with your teammates.

Your team just worked hard to get the ball, so don’t give it right back with a poor outlet pass. Be controlled and find a teammate who can put your team on the attack.