Tips for Choosing a Men’s Lacrosse Stick

Gearing up for the season and looking for lacrosse equipment? Use these Pro Tips as a basic guide to help find the right men’s lacrosse stick.

Before you step onto the lacrosse field, you need to have the right stick.

You want to find the right lacrosse shaft and head combination that’s best for you, but all of the different options might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with these basics on finding a men’s lacrosse stick.


The age and experience level of a lacrosse player can lend itself to different stick options. For younger players in their first year or two of playing, a complete stick might be the best option. These fully-assembled sticks come ready to use right out of the box with a stick shaft, head and pre-strung pocket.

As players progress in the sport, they might decide to go with separate lacrosse heads and shafts. They might even want an unstrung head and stringing kit, so they can string a lacrosse head to match their personal preference.


Another factor to keep in mind when looking for a men’s lacrosse stick is a player’s position. Varsity-level players, attackers and midfielders will typically play with a 30-inchshaft. Defensemen and long-stick midfielders, meanwhile, will use a 60-inch shaft.

A goalie has different options. The length of their shaft can be between 30 and 60 inches andwill come down to personal preference.


Another consideration is the material of the lacrosse shaft. This is the area of the stick that your hands will have direct contact with, and different materials can provide different experiences. There are two distinct options you can go with:

  • Metal Alloy – These shafts are affordable, offer solid durability and are easy to handle.
  • Carbon Fiber – These shafts are lighter and provide some flex and a different feel than metal alloy.


The lacrosse head is the area of the stick that has direct contact with the ball. Players can choose between a head that’s stiff or flexible:

  • A stiffer head can be a good choice for defensive players, since it’s sturdy enough for defensive moves and scooping the ball
  • A more flexible head can be a good choice for attackers and midfielders. They are generally lighter and allow for more agile moves

To learn more about what to look for in sticks, check out men’s lacrosse stick buying guide and lacrosse heads buying guide.

A lacrosse stick can be like an extension of your body. Make sure you are armed with the one that matches your style of play the next time you head to the field for a big game.