Women’s Lacrosse Defense: Empty Stick Check

Understand the rules behind this lacrosse foul and learn what happens if you check an empty lacrosse stick.

The empty stick check is one of the most frequently called fouls in women’s lacrosse. If the ball is not in the opponent’s stick, you cannot check them.

When two players go after a loose ball, if a player checks her opponent before the opponent lifts the ball, that will be called an empty stick check foul. The player who was checked will pick up the ball and the player who made the foul will move four meters to the side.

Being aggressive can be an asset in the game, but when you check, make sure the ball is in your opponent’s pocket to avoid being called for a foul.

Although empty checks result in a foul, you can check stick to stick in women’s lacrosse. Learn more about the basics of checking so you don’t get fouled.