Women’s Lacrosse Drills: Building Basic Lacrosse Skills with Wall Ball

Improve your stick handling, passing and catching, even when you are practicing on your own, with these drills.

To build basic lacrosse skills and practice fundamentals like stick skills, passing and catching, all you need is a rebounder or wall.

Start by finding a spot on the wall or rebounder where the ball will ricochet back to head height. Make sure that you pass hard and direct to that spot with both hands.

Once you’ve found the wall’s or rebounder’s sweet spot, there are several skills you can work on.

Start with basic passing and catching close to the head. When you’re practicing, include a cradle between each pass and step forward with the opposite foot.

Practice passing from your dominant side and catching on your non-dominant side. Immediately after making the pass from your dominant side, shift the stick to the opposite shoulder, keeping your dominant hand on the top part of the stick.

Practice passing from your non-dominant side and then shift the stick to the opposite shoulder to make the catch on your dominant side. Remember to keep your non-dominant hand on the top part of the stick.

Work on sidearm passing, too. Start with a high pass fake before dropping your stick to the side, sliding your top arm down and making the sidearm pass against the wall or rebounder. Continue to step forward with your opposite foot.

Practice quick sticking by standing close to the rebounder but don’t cradle between the pass and catch. Work to catch and pass the ball as quickly as possible. You can challenge yourself to execute a certain number of quick stick passes within a given amount of time.

You can also practice one-handed passing and catching. Slide your top hand toward the head of the stick and move closer to the rebounder. Remember to practice this with both your dominant and non-dominant hands. This can help with your hand and arm strength and overall ball control skills.

Remember, every skill should be practiced with both hands.

Keep working with your teammates, and practice catching on the move to help your team get the ball down the field with ease.