Women’s Lacrosse Tips: Catching on the Move

Run through this lacrosse drill to help improve your receiving skills.

Lacrosse players rarely stand still during a game, so it is important to practice catching on the move.

Shuttle lines are a great way to practice this skill. You need at least four players for this drill, but keep it to no more than six or seven players to make sure each player is getting enough repetitions.

To start, players will divide themselves into two lines facing one another. They will then run toward each other while passing a ball back and forth. After making a pass, a player will keep moving to the end of the line behind their teammate who made the catch. When quick sticking, players can also return to the end of their current line after making the pass. This will depend on the number of players completing the drill.

When you’re working on a shuttle line for catching on the move, you can practice different passing and catching techniques including:

  • Catching and passing right handed
  • Catching and passing left handed
  • Passing right handed, catching on the opposite side of the body
  • Passing left handed, catching on the opposite side of the body
  • Switching hands before passing
  • Sidearm passing
  • Quick sticking

Each player should complete 10 repetitions of each skill before moving on. Remember to not rush through this drill.  Be quick, but the most important part is to execute each skill correctly.

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