Women’s Lacrosse Tips: How to Make a Sidearm Pass

Add this pass to your arsenal to help move the ball around a pressuring defender.

When you are being tightly guarded by an opposing player, you may need to find a way to get the ball to an open teammate quickly. A sidearm pass can help you get the ball to an open player as your team is advancing toward the goal.

As the defender is mirroring your stick with their own, throw a quick fake pass high and then drop the top of your stick to the side to make a low pass around the defender. This pass should be made at hip height or lower. Your top hand will slide down the stick shaft as you move from high to low.

A sidearm pass can be used all over the field but is best for short-distance passing. Practice this skill with both hands, so you can learn to become an effective feeder from anywhere on the field. Using a rebounder or wall is a great way to help with repetition.

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