Mountain Bike Skills for the Hills: How to Track Stand

Advance your skills by standing still. Use these mountain biking tips to learn how to use this effective riding technique.

There are a few mountain biking skills you should master if you want to conquer the trails. One example of a helpful technique for your next ride is learning how to track stand. Being able to track stand can help you in multiple aspects and can promote better bike balance. GT Wing Project athlete Rachel Strait has the tips to help your successful standstill with a proper track stand technique.


A track stand is when you come to a standstill and stay upright on your mountain bike. Rather than unclipping or putting your foot down, you use your balance to keep from falling over. Track stands require plenty of bike control but mastering this bike skill can be great for your riding profile.


Once you understand what a track stand is, you can begin to practice on your own. According to Strait:

  • Begin to roll forward at a slow, comfortable pace.
  • Stand up in your saddle. Stay tall and straight.
  • Brake until you come to a complete stop.
  • Turn your bars to help you find your balance point.

“Having your bars turned slightly [to either side] will create a more stable platform,” Strait says. Also, instead of twisting your handlebars from side to side to maintain balance, try pushing your bodyweight hard into your bars for stability. Once you’ve found your standstill, try to hold this position for as long as possible. When ready to go again, push hard into your pedals to accelerate forward.

BONUS PRO TIP: Strait suggests shifting into a harder (higher) gear before beginning your track stand. A higher gear can put more tension on your bike, making it easier to find your ideal balance point.


Track stands can be a helpful trick on the trail. If you track stand instead of unclipping or putting your foot down, you can save time and energy.

One use for track stands is when you’re gauging technical lines and points of attack during your ride. “You can stop beforehand, take a look at the line first and assess where you want to go,” Strait says. Additionally, track stands can be helpful when waiting for other riders in your group or – when road riding – waiting at a crosswalk or stop light.

Make your standstill stand apart from the rest and perfect your track stand with these mountain biking tips. Follow these instructions and press play on a new skill to pause your next trail ride.

Brush up on your mountain bike manners in addition to your riding skills. Use these tips on proper trail etiquette and make riding fun for everyone on the mountain.