How to Get a Consistent Backhand

Looking to refine your basic tennis strokes? Learn what could help you regularly smash backhands right over the net.

Your backhand can make or break your game, and having a consistent two-handed backhand could be your key to better shots, more points and victory on the court.


Avoid hitting your ball into the net by dropping your bottom hand down on the racquet. If you’re a right-handed player this means sliding your left hand down below the contact point of racquet and ball and vice versa for left-handers. As you’re hitting the ball, remember to lift your racquet up in order to drive the ball right over the net, time and time again.


Need some extra practice? For partnered drills, start with your racquet in the dropped and ready position. When your partner feeds you the ball, remember to always lift up with your racquet.

Want to watch your shots zoom over the net? Practice this drill a few times a week and you could be on your way to a better backhand.