Serving Tips for Intermediate Tennis Players

Congrats! You’ve mastered your beginner’s serve. Now, throw your opponents for a loop when you serve up a slice serve.

If you’re looking to amp up your game, try adding more serves to your repertoire. You may have started playing tennis with a beginner’s flat serve, but as you get better, you’ll graduate to the slice serve.


How and where you make contact with the ball during a serve can change how difficult your serve will be to return.

To hit a slice serve, start with your serving arm up and your hand against your ear. When you come in contact with the ball after the toss, hit the side of the ball instead of the back of the ball. Hitting the ball on its side creates topspin and bounce, which can be more difficult to return. When the ball hits the other side of the court, it will hook out to the side, allowing it to curve away from, instead of to, your opponent.

If you’re passionate about upping your serving game, practice varying up your serving styles and work the slice serve into your training and matches.