Stocking Stuffers for Tennis Players

Love might mean nothing during a tennis match, but these stocking stuffers will mean a lot to your favorite player.

If you’re hoping to hit an ace with the tennis player in your life this holiday season, look no further! We’ve hand-selected stocking stuffers that players at every level will “love.” From tennis balls to trainers and tech, we’re serving up tennis gifts for players on your list.

There’s a slew of tennis apparel that you could neatly fold to fit in a stocking. Tennis shirts, shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses are options to stuff in your tennis partner’s stocking.

To help keep your tennis player cool even as they go for hot shots, consider headbands or wrist bands. These are on-court necessities that need to be replaced from time to time, so they’re both practical and exciting.

For a fail-safe gift, go for tennis balls. They can lose their freshness easily, so players at all levels love the sweet sound of cracking open a fresh new can of tennis balls. Another piece of equipment that needs to be updated often is the grip on the tennis racquet. Players can easily replace their worn-out tennis grips themselves, but might not always have extra grips on-hand. Replacing racquet string can also help transform a worn-down racquet. Gifts like these can help players up their performance during a game, and help provide a holly, jolly volley.

If you really want to wow the crowd, consider gifts that they might not have, like vibration dampeners, tennis trainers, string tension testers or tennis tech wrist bands. Vibration dampeners help to reduce the sting on off-center shots, but they definitely won’t reduce holiday spirit.

Tennis trainers are great tools to use during practice to help hone your skills. Lights may not be the only thing that need to be restrung this season. String tension testers let you know when it’s time to restring your racquet and tennis tech wrist bands allow you to track real-time data and see your own stats. These gifts can help any player take their game to the next level and are small enough in size to make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Luckily, you can’t go wrong. Players at every level would be thrilled to unwrap these stocking stuffers that can help them en route to victory. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect tennis gift this holiday season, use this gift guide to find something they’ll love-love.

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