Tennis 101: How to Volley

Looking to improve your offensive presence on the court? Learning to volley can lead you to a match point.

When beginner tennis players step on the court, there are several basic shots they will need to learn.

One of the most important and most common is the volley.

Put simply, a volley is a shot that a player hits before the tennis ball bounces on the ground. It occurs when a player hits the ball before it bounces on the ground. This quick offensive shot is great because it cuts an opponent’s time to react.

This move usually occurs when a player is standing close to the net, but can also occur further back in the middle of the court and even near the baseline.


To begin, you will need to grip your racket the proper way. Place your first knuckle on top of the racket’s grip and turn it one notch to the left. You should feel as though you are holding a hammer, preparing to strike a nail.

It’s similar to the same grip you use to serve.


As you await the ball, stand straight with your arms out. Once the ball comes towards you, put your racquet out and stop. You do not need to swing to complete the volley. The ball will bounce off the racquet and volley to the other side of the net. As you continue to practice, this move will begin to come naturally to you and you’ll be able to master a successful volley.