5K Training Plans for All Runners

We have three 8-week plans to help you train for your upcoming 5K, whatever your level of running experience.

Are you participating in an upcoming 5K? No matter what sort of running experience you have, we are here to help you prep and train for the 3.1-mile race with these 5K training plans.

Remember to always consult a physician before taking up a new training regimen.

5K Training Plan For Beginners: This plan is perfect for those who are new to running a 5K. You’ll begin your week with cross-training followed by a 30-minute walk the following day. A mix of running/walking and cross-training is incorporated throughout the week.  Fridays are for rest.

5K Training Plan For Intermediate Runners:  The intermediate plan is for runners with a few races under their belt. This training schedule is a bit more intense and combines a mix of speed work, cross-training and tempo runs. As always, rest is required to help your muscles mend.

5K Training Plan For Advanced Runners: This training plan is best for a seasoned 5k runner. The schedule starts with a 3-mile run and progresses into speed work and tempo runs. Rest time is interspersed throughout the plan.

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5k training plans

5K Training Plan for intermediate runners

5K Training Plan for advanced runners