Half-Marathon Training Plans for Every Runner

We’ve got three 12-week plans to get you ready for your upcoming half-marathon.

Half-marathons hit a sweet spot for many athletes. They offer more challenge than popular 5 and 10ks, but don’t require the extensive training needed for a full 26.2 miles.

Nonetheless, preparation is key. Runners of all skill levels need a well-rounded mix of distance runs, cross training and rest to reach their goal — and stay healthy — on race day. Our half-marathon training plans include schedules for beginners, intermediate and competitive runners.

Remember, training for a half-marathon is tough. Always consult a physician before taking up a new training regimen.

Ready For Training? Print Our Half-Marathon Training Plans Here

Our Training Schedule Includes:

Half-Marathon Training Plan For Beginners: Perfect for newbies, this training plan helps you face down your first halfer. You’ll begin your week with cross training and ease into shorter-distance runs. Critical strength and distance training is incorporated into your running plan. Fridays are for rest.

Half-Marathon Training Plan For Intermediate Runners:  The intermediate plan is for runners with a few races under their belt—and it’s great if you’re working toward a new PR. This training schedule incorporates cross-training workouts with tempo runs. Critical rest time is interspersed throughout the plan.

Half-Marathon Training Plan For Advanced Runners: This training plan is best suited for half-marathon vets—those who’ve conquered the 13.1. The schedule includes advanced speed and distance training, mixing tempo runs with strength-training to maximize your results on the course. Rest time is interspersed throughout the plan.

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