Marathon Training Plans for Every Runner

These 18-week marathon-training plans help you reach your goal on race day — whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just getting started.

So, you’re ready to train for a marathon.

Maybe you’ve crossed a finish line or two before. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, the secret to race-day glory is all in the preparation.

Our running experts designed these three comprehensive marathon-training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. They include a mix of rest days, distance treks and cross-training workouts to prep you for the 26.2 miles ahead.

Remember, training for a marathon can be grueling. Always consult a physician before taking up any new fitness regimen. The right footwear, apparel and accessories can also make a difference, so check out the full collection of runner’s gear at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Ready for training? Follow our marathon training plans below


This running plan helps first-timers tackle their first marathon.

You’ll begin with alternating three and five-mile runs, and you’ll rack up the most mileage on Saturdays. In this schedule, Mondays and Fridays are your critical rest days, while Sundays are reserved for cross-training workouts. Note that by week 9, you’ll have worked your way up to a half marathon.

Marathon Training Plans for Beginners
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Have a few 5 or 10ks under your belt? Ready to step up the pace after conquering your first 26.2? Then this is the training plan for you.

The intermediate schedule incorporates more speed and mileage than the beginner plan. Under this schedule, Monday are for cross training—great for boosting a runner’s strength, endurance and tenacity on the course. And you can kick back and relax on Fridays.

Marathon Training Plans for Intermediate Runners

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Not for the faint of heart, this marathon-training plan is for skilled runners looking to improve their performance on race day. This plan includes a well-rounded mix of tempo runs, hill training and distance running for marathon veterans. Note that Fridays are your rest days. 

Marathon Training Plans for Advanced Runners

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