Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Run right into the new year with these gifts made for racking up the miles.

Do you want to set a new personal record in gift giving this holiday season? Avoid dashing through the snow at the last minute with the help of this Pro Tips stocking stuffer guide for the runners in your life.


Get your runner started on the right foot with some running apparel. Remember, holiday gifts can be used beyond the holiday season. Items such as shorts and moisture-wicking shirts are small enough to fit in a stocking, but can have a big impact on comfort year-round.

For those who prefer to purchase a more seasonal gift, it’s important to understand what a runner needs for winter running success. Headbands, hats and socks can all stay warm above the fireplace before helping your runner stay warm on their favorite course. Compression sleeves for arms and calves also make great gifts.

Ultimately, comfort is the key to conquering the elements. You can give your runner a hand with the gift of running gloves. Keep fingers and hands warm by letting cool air out and warm air in. Running gloves can provide more benefits than just fighting off wind chill. Many are designed to work with touchscreens so that you can track progress or make phone calls without exposing fingers to the cold.

While shopping for runners, taking the temperature into consideration is important, but so is the time of day. Runners who enjoy morning or afternoon jogs might want a pair of sunglasses or a visor.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, night running brings an entirely new set of considerations, one of which is staying visible. Reflective gear such as visibility vests, reflective stickers and strobe lights are all valuable tools. Since safety is always a priority, you can also never go wrong with pepper spray or alarm keychains.

While some spend the holidays tracking Santa’s sleigh, it’s likely your runner would rather track their own progress. A fitness tracker is a perfect stocking stuffer for a runner looking to monitor their distance, pace, heart rate and more. Meanwhile, a GPS tracker is great for adventurous runners who like to explore their routes. And while the sound of footsteps and crunching snow can be relaxing, your runner can listen to holiday jingles with some running headphones. Check out the full list of running stocking stuffers below.

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