Lindsey Horan on Keeping Your Composure in Soccer

Professional soccer player Lindsey Horan shares her tips for keeping a level head for 90 minutes.

Emotions run high in sports. In soccer, emotions can come from all over the pitch. Even a soccer match can last for what seems like an eternity. A missed penalty kick could result in wanting to give up. A curling corner kick into the back of the net can make you believe you’re at the highest peak of your career.

However, it’s important to keep a level head throughout the entire 90 minutes of a soccer match.

Professional soccer player Lindsey Horan began her career as a young adult. Early on she learned the importance of remaining calm against fierce competition. Horan says the best strategy she uses to stay composed on the pitch is to keep focused and cool.

“It’s not letting a mistake or something in the game upset me in any way,” Horan says. “One of the biggest things in the game is composure and seeing who can collect themselves and keep the game going.”


Horan asks herself the question of what more she can work on. Improving her game and leading by example are ways that she works to develop into a leader while also keeping the mental aspect of her game strong.

“It’s mainly about keeping that mental strength,” Horan says. “You’re here now, but you want to get better and better.”

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