Practicing Acceleration on the Pitch with Becky Sauerbrunn

Learn how to cover more ground and build speed with this acceleration drill demonstrated by world soccer champ and internationally acclaimed defender Becky Sauerbrunn.

Have you ever wondered how soccer players manage to sprint up and down the field so many times for so long? One key way is to maximize efficiency by accelerating as you run, allowing your strides to cover more and more ground between steps.

In this drill, Becky Sauerbrunn shows us how to do just that.

First, set up at a starting line, standing with your back straight. Balance your right toe on the ground behind you, sit your hips back, and put all your weight on your front leg. Have your right arm forward and your left arm all the way behind you, with palms open.

Once you’re in position, take off running with your arms pumping as well. Focus on covering ground rather than moving your feet really fast. When practicing this soccer acceleration drill, keep your sprint to just fifteen or twenty yards.

This drill can help you learn how to use your energy more efficiently during game time and make those important plays on the pitch.