Signature Soccer Moves: The Step Over

How to do a scissor, AKA a step over in soccer.

The Step Over, also referred to as a Scissor or even a Circle Take, is a key attacking soccer move for faking out and getting around a defender. Use our how-to video to break down the basics for this foundational skill and master the move.

Begin with executing the footwork in slow motion to create muscle memory, then build up your pace as you practice.

First, begin to fake a direction, turning your body in the position that you are faking to go. Then swing your leg around the front of the soccer ball leaning toward the faked direction to try to get the defender you are 1 v 1 with to “bite,” or move in that direction. Touch the ball with the outside of your foot in the opposite direction to cut around the defender while they are recovering from your move.

Start with a single Scissor or Step Over, practicing alone or cutting around cones, then work up to 1 on 1 with another player to hone your skills. Once you are comfortable with a single, add in a second Step Over to really challenge the defender to keep up with you. Remember, while the Step Over or Scissor is a great piece of footwork, the leaning of your upper body is what can truly “sell” the fake and send the defender the wrong way.