Soccer Dribbling Drill: Inside Outside Touch

Sharpen your ball-handling skills with this dribbling drill that focuses on working both of your feet.

Gaining control of the ball is vital in soccer. And once you get it, it’s even more important that you keep it. If you want to improve your inside and outside touch on both feet, this simple drill can help you get there.

To start, set up a handful of cones in a straight line about one yard apart from one another. Dribble through the cones, zigging and zagging between each one. On your way down, use only your right foot to move the ball, touching it with the inside and outside of the foot to swerve through the cones.

“You’re just going to go inside, inside, outside, outside through the cones,” says DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and youth soccer coach Emily Linner.

When you reach the end of the line, turn around and come back using only your left foot.

“This is a great way to practice your ball-handling skills,” says Linner.

Use the opportunity to train both feet and maintain mastery of the ball. Practice with this drill and, come game time, you’ll be more in control.

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