Soccer Drills: Basic Header Progression

These header drills will help players learn how to head the soccer ball with confidence.

These soccer header drills can be used individually or as a build up progression during your next practice.

First, have your players pair up and sit toe-to-toe. One player heads the ball to the other player, who catches it and repeats the process. This drill helps players learn to properly use their core, rather than their necks, to power headers.

Once they’re confident in toe-to-toe, have them move up to their knees and back up slightly to repeat the drill. Again, one player heads the ball to the other, who catches it and repeats the process.  To add a strength and conditioning element to this drill, add a push up to the drill so that after each header, the player drops forward and completes a kneeling push up.

Finally, have players move to their feet and back up once again. You can also rotate players into different pair partners for each drill in the progression to keep things moving and the team integrated. Use this how-to video to see the Soccer Header Progression Drills in action.

Heading the ball is an iconic move in soccer, but best saved to train with older, more experienced players. We do not recommend heading the ball for youth players. Check with your league on minimum age rules for when heading during game play will be allowed.

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