Soccer Drills: Dribbling Box Drill

Tight spaces mean you need to keep the ball close and be ready to change direction quickly. To think outside-the-box as a soccer player, let’s get ‘inside’ the box with this drill.

Dribbling the ball is a core skill used by soccer players of all ages and experience levels. When you are in high traffic, keeping the ball close can give you the best chance of maintaining possession.

At Pro Tips, we’re always looking to add drills to your training mix that hone your footwork, and no proper regimen would be complete without the foundational Dribbling Box Drill.


Create a square box using four cones. Dribble the ball inside the box, and as you approach the boundary of the box, turn and dribble in another direction. You can weave and turn as you dribble along any path you’d like, so long as it stays within the imaginary borders of the box.

For beginners, start with a larger box to allow space to get used to simple touches. As you become more advanced, you can tighten up the box and add more advanced techniques to turn the ball.

This drill can help you practice keeping your head up while you look for the edges of your box as you approach and initiate your change in direction. Work with one foot for the first interval, then the other foot for the second, so both feet become comfortable. Then, you can mix it up and switch feet on the fly.

This drill is also a great warmup when done at a jogging pace. Simply start with a larger box and bring in your teammates, adding in the dynamic of weaving through other players while maintaining ball control.

Another favorite team variation is to have one player act as a defender in the box, creating a “keep-away” component to the drill. Footwork, ball control, playing with your head up, making tactical moves against an opponent and quick decision making all come into play with this one simple, yet effective, drill.

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