Soccer Drills: The Dribbling Maze

Practice your ball-handling skills and evade invisible opponents in this simple-to-set-up soccer drill.

Sometimes, it can feel like the pitch is littered with defenders. Everywhere you turn, there’s another one, coming toward you to try and separate you from the ball. Weaving your way through them can feel like a challenging labyrinth, but you can improve your chances of dodging defenders by practicing the Dribbling Maze, a great drill for ball control and overall agility. Here’s how.

To set up this drill, arrange a handful of cones randomly in a five by five-yard area.

Once you have your mini maze set up, start dribbling through it in an unpredictable pattern with a tennis ball. Your goal is to move through the maze without touching any of the cones.

“Once you feel comfortable dribbling through this maze with a tennis ball, graduate up to a size one ball,” says DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate and youth soccer coach Emily Linner.

The larger ball makes navigating the cones even trickier. But, once you’ve nailed that, move up to a regulation-size ball. Keep your feet moving fast and the ball in control.

“The dribbling maze is a fun way to get a lot of touches in a small space,” says Linner.

The next time you find yourself surrounded by defenders in a game, you’ll know just how to bob and weave your way out of trouble thanks to this ball-handling and soccer dribbling drill.

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