Soccer Drills: The Long Square Drill

Work on your long-distance passing and first touch with help from your teammates. 

There are many skills soccer players must master to be successful in the sport. Passing and receiving are two of the most important.

A player passing the ball needs to be able to do it quickly in tight spaces and know just how much leg power is needed to deliver it to their teammate down field. Conversely, the player receiving the pass must be able to quickly control the ball as opponents are charging at them to defend.

With this in mind, the Long Square Drill is designed to help players master first touch control and long-distance passing and improve both aspects of their game.

To start, stand a designated distance away from a teammate. The space between each of you can be shortened or lengthened, depending on skill level.

You will then pass the ball to each other through the air. When receiving the ball, you’ll need to use one-touch control with the inner part of your receiving foot to handle it before sending it back to your teammate.

The difficulty level can be increased by building a square around you and your teammates. You’ll then be required to kick the ball from inside the cones while your teammate needs to come up with a solid first touch to keep it inside their square. This is good practice to mimic being pressured by defenders on the pitch.

Want to work more on your touch? Here is a look at how to strike a soccer ball with your foot for when you are passing or trying to score a goal.