Soccer Drills: Magic Touch Juggling

Mastering how to juggle a soccer ball is a foundational skill for any player. This advanced drill will help hone your touch, which can lead to better control on the field.

This drill helps players improve ball control by limiting mobility, forcing you to focus directly on your touch.

Try this drill at home or incorporate it into practice. Let’s break it down.

Sit on the ground or floor with your knees bent and hands behind you for support. Pick the soccer ball up with your feet and juggle it on the top of your foot, starting with your dominant foot. Try to achieve five to ten touches. Then, move to your weaker foot and try to work up to five to ten touches.

Once you achieve that, move from left to right and then repeat. Remember to keep your ankle locked and your feet level to the ground.

When you are just starting out, practice this exercise while facing a corner. This way, if you lose control, you won’t have to chase after the ball.

Lastly, take your time and don’t get frustrated! It can take a lot longer than you think to master what appears to be a simple drill.

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