Soccer Drills: The One-Bounce Juggle

If you’re practicing your soccer skills solo, this drill can help you master your movements and up your ball juggling ability.

Sometimes you get stuck practicing on your own. No matter if you are up early on the weekend with a rebounder or looking to get some work in during an evening off, there could be times you will need to find ways to up your soccer skills solo.

Juggling the ball is one of the easiest skills to practice when you’re training alone.

The one-bounce juggle is a fantastic exercise to get your feet familiar with the ball and practice the basics of juggling. All you need is a soccer ball and a little space.

To perform the one-bounce juggle, allow the ball to hit the ground one time before kicking it back up to yourself. This simple, solid drill can be done anywhere — from your bedroom to the backyard.

Keep track of your progress with a journal by taking note of the amount of repetitions you can do. Challenge yourself to break your record each time you pick up your soccer ball.

The more you work on juggling, the more natural it can feel. So grab your ball and get to work. Build your skills and someday you could find yourself effortlessly juggling with your feet, knees and head.

Looking to take your skills to the next level? Try juggling with a tennis ball and the Magic Touch drill for advanced juggling training.