Signature Soccer Moves: Inside and Outside Chops

Need a move to get by defenders on the pitch? These maneuvers can leave your opponents stunned, wondering what happened.

It’s late in the game when you get possession of the ball and begin pushing it down the field. You whip past most of the opposing team, but there’s still one defender between you and the net — and they’re charging right for you. You’ll need a move to slide past them and get your goal.

This is what the inside and outside chops do best. They can help put opposing defenders off balance while creating space for you to get by. Adding these moves to your arsenal of dribbling skills can make you even harder to stop.

Depending on where you are on the field and the defensive pressure you are facing, either an inside or outside chop might be better suited for the situation.


To do an inside chop, dribble toward your defender. Right before you reach them, tap the ball with the inside of your foot to cut away and change direction.


An outside chop is done in a similar fashion. Begin dribbling toward the defender, and just before you get to them, strike the ball with the outside of your foot and cut away.

These moves can be easily practiced with a cone standing in as a defender. Don’t forget to practice with both of your feet. By putting some extra work in on your own, opposing defenders could be left in your dust the next time you step onto the pitch.

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