Soccer Passing Tips for Long & Short Distances

Sending a strong pass to a teammate could be crucial in maintaining possession and upping your scoring chances.

You’re pushing the ball down the sideline as you scan the field. There is a defender coming at you at full speed, and you catch another closing in from the side out of the corner of your eye. You are cornered and you need to make a move.

This is where being able to deliver a short or long pass to a teammate becomes crucial.


To execute a short pass, place your plant foot next to the ball and point it toward your targeted teammate. Kick the ball with the middle of your other foot. At the same time, keep your knee over the ball to prevent getting any lift on it.


A long-distance pass is set up in a similar way, except this time you want to get lift on the ball. So, start with your plant foot next to the ball and point it at your intended teammate. You will need to have some lift on a long-distance kick. To do so, lean back slightly and keep your knee behind the ball, not over it. Strike the ball with the top of your foot and make sure to follow through.

By mastering these passes, you can help your team keep possession of the ball as you turn up the pressure on your opponents en route to a goal.

After working on your passes, try giving this 1 v 1 ball possession drill a try, so you know what to do once you receive the ball.