Signature Soccer Moves: The Soccer Roulette

The Roulette 360 soccer move, popularly known as a Maradona or a Zidane, is an advanced move that’s difficult to defend. Learn how to master it with our how-to video.

Watching the artistry of Diego Maradona or Zinedine Zidane on the pitch, it’s no wonder this impressive soccer skill often bears their name. The soccer Roulette is a full 360 spin move which helps an attacking player get past a defender. Plus, it is a fun skill to have in your footwork arsenal. Let’s break it down…

‪While approaching the defender, control the soccer ball with the ball of your foot on top, while simultaneously hopping in a 180-spin. Shield the defender off as you are turning.

‪When your back is to the defender, you will release the ball from your foot to the direction of the other foot. Now, you will simultaneously complete the 360 spin while dragging the ball with you as you complete your turn. Redirect the ball in the original direction as you finish the 360 and the momentum takes you past the defender.

‪Start out slow to get your footwork down and develop important muscle memory. The Roulette 360 is truly most effective at speed, so build up the pace with which you perform the turn. Ideally, you are working toward steady acceleration into and out of the skill in one smooth move.

‪Practice the Roulette in both directions, and use this how-to video to master this impressive move.