Soccer Shots: Shooting for Placement and Accuracy

Learn how to achieve accuracy and send the ball where you want it to go with these helpful Pro Tips.

When you’re inside the 18 looking to make a shot, there’s little room for error. You have to be able to rely on precision shooting and accuracy to sneak the soccer ball past the keeper or slide it into the corner of the net to get your goal. Coach Kelly Mehalko, who has 30+ years of experience as a club coach, shares her tips for setting up a shot for placement, which can help you hit your target when the pressure is on.

To set up your shot, start by placing your non-kicking foot next to the ball and using it as a guide for direction.

“You can use your toe to kind of place where you’d like the ball to go,” Mehalko says.

Once you’ve lined up your shot, strike the ball firmly in the center with the instep of your kicking foot and follow through with force.

Honing your placement shot form can help give you confidence and shooting accuracy when it counts, and make it easier for you to score in those high-pressure moments. Nail your shot setup and get the goal.

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