Soccer Warmup: The Keep Away Drill

This fundamental warmup drill can challenge your team to use strong passing and apply keen defensive pressure.

Before you face a fierce rival on the pitch, you need something to help get your team ready to take on the competition — a warmup drill that will get your team fired up before the game begins.

Your squad will need to be ready to make accurate, direct passes to their teammates and cause disruption to the opposing squad. The Keep Away Drill is a great way to train to do just that.

The drill can be set up with anywhere from five to eight players arranged in a circle on the outside. One or two players will stand on the inside of the circle. The players on the inside are tasked with the challenge of trying to win the ball as the group of players on the outside pass it back and forth to each other.

This is the type of drill that can help get your team ready to take the opening possession and turn it into a score and, hopefully, big win.

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