Spice up Your Soccer Goalie Warmup Routine

Try this simple drill to help get your defensive reflexes ready for a big match.

As a goalkeeper, you want to make sure before stepping on the field that you have a solid warmup before the game starts.

Finding the right drills to go along with stretching is crucial in being prepared both physically and mentally for the match ahead.

Adding this simple drill to a goalie’s routine, could help get your reflexes ready to come away with a big save. For this particular drill you will need a teammate to help.

Start the drill facing each other on the goal line near the post — the goalkeeper (you) should have your back to the net. Each player should be holding a ball.

Begin by slide-shuffling down the line, tossing the balls to each other in a coordinated fashion — flipping the ball to your teammate and vice versa. You will pass over the top while your teammate goes underneath.

This drill is made to strengthen your hand-eye coordination and help make sure your reflexes are primed to shut down the opposing team’s attack. Don’t be afraid to add something new to your routine — you want to maximize your pregame warmup.