Tips for Shooting with Power

Crush your kick and send the soccer ball flying into the back of the net with these Pro Tips to help you deliver a soccer power shot.

When you’re outside of the 18, and ready to fire the ball into the net to stun the opposition for a goal, you need to be able to pull off a powerful shot. Coach Kelly Mehalko, who has more than 30 years of soccer experience as a club coach, has a few tips to help you improve your form when you’re shooting for power.


Mehalko says that when you approach the ball, you should come in at a “C” angle and your first touch is a bit of a diagonal. Keep your non-kicking foot a little next to the ball and your kicking foot behind the ball. Lean forward slightly so that the knee of your kicking foot, your shoulder and the ball are all in a straight line.

“If you took a string, you’d be able to pull that ball straight up,” Mehalko says. “That’s really important so that your head is over the top of the ball so that the ball doesn’t fly up in the air.”

The hop before your kick is the most important part of shooting for power. Mehalko says that this is where the bulk of the force is going to come from. Lock the ankle on your kicking foot, point your toe down and strike the soccer ball right in the center. Hop, hit the ball and follow through for a dynamic, powerful soccer shot.

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