Anaerobic Exercises to Add to Your Strength Training Program

Add a new chapter to your baseball and softball strength training with these helpful tips on anaerobic exercise.

A solid strength training program for baseball and softball involves balance. Cardiovascular training to help strengthen your heart and lungs is a great addition. There are two classes of cardiovascular training: aerobic and anaerobic.

“The difference is aerobic activity is low intensity, long duration,” says Frank Velasquez, director of sports performance for Allegheny Health Network. “So if you were going to ride the bike for 30 minutes or take a light jog for a mile, that’s aerobic.”

Valesquez adds, “Most of our cardiovascular strength training is anaerobic in nature, which means it’s higher intensity and it’s shorter in duration.”

Velasquez does note, however, that there is room for aerobic activity for baseball and softball players when they need to recover from intense activity or a long game.

When it comes to anaerobic training for baseball and softball, an easy way to work out is running the bases. This can help achieve the cardiovascular side of a well-balanced strength training program. Additionally, base running allows you to fine-tune your baserunning skills. This can help lead to even more success during your season.

Use these Pro Tips to add another layer to your training and help improve your player profile.

Don’t forget to take a good look at your personal health and wellness, too. This can be essential to success not just on the diamond, but in everyday performance as well.