How to Draw a Pitching Power Line

Stay in control of your softball pitches with these tips on finding your power line.

It’s important for a pitcher to stay centered and in control of each pitch. To help with this, pitchers can draw their power line.

“The pitching power line is basically a straight line from the center of [the] mound to the center of home plate,” former professional softball player Jessica Vogel says.


For drill purposes, you only have to draw your power line the length of your pitcher’s stride. With your foot, dig a line straight through the dirt. Make sure that you are facing toward home plate so that you are centered on the line with the target.


The power line helps with balance and acts as a marker for your arm swing and leg drive. During your arm swing, your arm should go down the center of the power line. Your hips will be parallel-facing, which allows your arm to come down and pass in front of your hip.

As you finish your delivery, you should be perpendicular to the power line. Finally, you will end in an athletic stance with the power line centered between your legs. This allows you to be ready to field the ball.

If you remain centered on your power line, you will have an easier time staying in control of your body. It can also help you be more consistent with your pitches.

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